ATD Marking Systems

Why Use Continuous?

As the name indicates, continuous printing is a type of printing where the process itself will go on indefinitely. As long as the machine does not overheat, and as long as you have material that you are feeding into the printer upon which it will print, it should be able to keep going. The only drawback is that the amount of ink that will be necessary will eventually run out. This is not true, however, with a continuous printer. They literally have a continuous ink supply system, one that will refill itself continuously, allowing you to print for many hours in a row. To find a company that does offer continuous printing options, let’s discuss why this might be necessary.

The Purpose Of Continuous

Continuous printers are very unique in the way they are designed. You will be able to either continually refill the ink, or switch out cartridges which can be rotated in while the empty ones are switched out. The primary purpose of doing this is that most printers must be refilled with something. For example, if you are printing on sheets of paper, you will run out of ink, paper, and depending upon the way that the printer is designed, it could overheat very quickly. The purpose of doing so is that you need to print a large number of materials very rapidly, and that is only possible with a continuous printer.

Where Do You Find Continuous Services?

Continuous printing is something that you will certainly find different businesses that offer this service as well as coding and marking solutions. You can locate them on the web. You can also purchase printers that can provide you with continuous printing. They may be more expensive than standard printers. This could be a thermal, monochrome, dot-matrix, or an inkjet printer that you may want to use. It just depends on the job you are doing, and whether or not you are printing on paper when you are selecting a printer that will fit this criterion.

Once you have located a continuous feed printer, one that can produce high-quality print jobs at a very fast rate, you could actually offer this service if you already have a printing business. There are some people that need to use a continuous printer for rush jobs they have coming up. On the other hand, you may simply need an inkjet continuous feed printer for yourself. You will be able to find these services and printers online so that you can compare the prices that they are charging. Your research will help you save money, and also put you into contact with businesses that sell these printers.