ATD Marking Systems

The ATD Leibinger Jet3pi continuous inkjet printer has been chosen by Proadec to mark their black thermoplastic edging strip with white pigmented ink.

The high quality, high contrast mark allows Proadec to brand their product with text and graphics.

The Jet3pi’s unique ink system makes it ideal for use with pigmented high visibility inks.

No Gear Pump to Wear Out

Some competitor systems use a gear pump to pressurise the ink. The abrasive nature of pigmented inks soon leads to gear wear and the additional cost of regular replacement.

In contrast ink pressure in the Jet3pi is provided by an internal air pump. The ink tank has a non-porous membrane which keep the ink and air separate. This scheme prevents the ink absorbing air, and also eliminates oil or water contamination, a common problem if factory air is used.

The ink tank has an integral stirrer unit to keep the pigmentation in suspension, and the tank and fittings are contoured to eliminate dead spots where the pigmentation could settle and build up.

The Jet3pi has a unique nozzle cleaning and sealing system . To prevent the ink drying out when the printer is not in use the gutter tube is moved up to completely seal the nozzle. There is no splashing at start-up as the jet fires straight into the sealed gutter tube

There is no mess or flush solvent to dispose of and no wasted ink.

The result of all these features are lower running costs and ultra-reliable start-up and operation.

Proadec Choose Continuous Inkjet Printers from ATD

Proadec UK is member of the Probos Group, one of the top three European manufacturers of plastic based edging, with over 30 years experience in extruding, calendaring and printing thermoplastic edging for the furniture industry.

A reel of edging strip is loaded on to a rewinding machine and the strip passes beneath the Jet3pi print head. The rewind speed is variable and is synchronised with the Jet3pi via a shaft encoder. The requirement is to print an image every 300mm as the strip is rewound.


The white ink print dries in less than 1 second and results in a clear, high contrast, durable mark.

The Jet3pi is controlled via an integrated full-colour touch screen, making operating the Jet3pi simple and intuitive.

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These are used in a range of applications including; canning and bottling lines, cable marking, pipe and extrusion coding, metal and glass marking, form-fill seal machines, blister pack marking, web numbering and addressing.