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What Is Laser Coding?

Not too long ago, laser was considered a luxury in the printing industry. Although it was effective, laser printing came with a hefty price tag in the good old days. But today, thanks to the advancement in laser technology, laser coding is cost-effective and the #1 choice for a wide range of printing applications. The food, beverage, pharmaceutical packaging, and heavy industries are taking advantage of laser coding to get a better quality print at an affordable price. That’s why you need to take advantage of laser coding right now. This article provides information on what really is laser coding.

Laser coding technology is ideal for high volumes of printing. Many industries are taking advantage of the method to reduce their printing costs and get a better quality print. The technology uses a set of mirrors to deflect a concentrated beam of light through a lens to form characters on the product or packaging by removing the coating from the product/packaging. 100% accuracy is guaranteed with this method. This technology is ideal if you require permanent marks for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Once you have decided that laser coding is right for your business, you can choose from two methods of laser coding.

The CO2 laser is the traditional method that uses a carbon dioxide gas mixture. This mixture will be electrically stimulated to produce a highly efficient and high-quality beam. They are widely used because of the cost-effectiveness and low maintenance of the product. The CO2 laser is versatile and can be used to mark onto a wide range of applications such as paper, cardboard, plastic, foils, coated metal, glass, and wood.

Fibre lasers are the latest method of printing. This technology produces a high-intensity laser which is ideal for high-contract plastic markings and metal engraving. They are able to mark flexible packaging materials compared to CO2 lasers. On the other hand, this method is 100% maintenance free over thousands of working hours. The life expectancy of the product will increase at least four times compared to CO2 laser marked products. That is why many businesses rely on the latest fibre laser technology to fulfil their printing needs.

Laser coding technology has become popular with many businesses today. It is the #1 choice for a wide range of printing applications. If you want a high-quality and cost-effective print, you should take advantage of and contact ATD UK today. The aforementioned article provides information on what really is laser coding.