What is Vertical Printing Used For?

If you have ever seen documents that are printed vertically, instead of horizontally, this is called vertical printing. This is used for several different reasons including the printing of labels, and also the printing of other languages. You may have a need for printing multiple things on one particular form, and that may only be possible if you print both horizontally and vertically. There are computer settings, specifically in the printers, that will allow you to do this very easily. Here are the many uses of doing vertical printing, something that you can do at home. If you are looking for vertical printing or industrial coding applications then contact ATD for more information.

How Can You Do Vertical Printing?

If you have a home computer, and you also have a printer, there is likely a setting on there that is called vertical. This is related to the printing job that you are about to do. Once you have entered in your document, it will then configure all of the words, sentences, and paragraph so that it will print 90° off of normal. The type of print that you are doing could be for labels, names, addresses, or you could simply be printing something in landscape mode. This means that instead of looking at the document from the top down, you are turning it to the side as if you are looking at a portrait.

Why Should You Request Vertical Printing?

Vertical printing should be requested if you are doing any type of labels, banners, or advertising that will require this type of print. This is something that you may not have done before, and if you are not comfortable doing this on your home computer, or you do not have the capacity to print out what you are trying to achieve, going to a local print shop would be apropos. Once you have seen what they are able to do on their website, you can then go down to the physical store to have this done. You may even be able to order what you want on their website and pick it up later on.

Printing vertically is nothing new. It simply takes a different type of program, usually connected with your printer and your PC, in order to get this done. You can adjust the settings on any document that you are working on to be vertical, but you printed, there needs to be a driver that will allow printing vertically to occur. If you do need a larger job, one that can be handled by professionals, you can go to a local store to have them do this for you. It could be for flyers that you are printing, or it could be for a large banner for an advertising campaign that you are planning. There are always ways to get printing vertically done using modern technology.