ATD Marking Systems

Traceability is very important, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. One of ATD’s customers supplies turbo-charger blades and their end user requested a unique 2D barcode on each unit to allow them to track inventory and manufacturing information.

The 2D code is printed in a recessed ‘flat’ on the turbo shaft.

ATD proposed a Leibinger Jet3 Continuous inkjet printer for the task.




ATD was asked to provide a complete system for aligning the flat, moving it under the printer and then verifying that the code had printed correctly.







The first stage in assuring the code’s accuracy was to enable it to be scanned directly into the printer from the works order to eliminate data entry errors.



The operator then loads the turbine blade into the printing station and moves it under the printer. On the return stroke the code is scanned with a Sick 2D bar-code reader and a Go/No-Go signal presented to the operator.




If the code is accepted a second Jet3 CIJ system prints a UV readable mark on one of the blades so that the alignment can be reproduced in the downstream balancing operation.


ATD and the customer conducted extensive trials before finding an ink that would withstand the various cleaning and finishing operations in their process and still be readable at the final destination.

Finally the individually marked and identified products are packed for dispatch.

Turbine Blades_x300w





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