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hp logoIP500 Thermal Inkjet Printer

The IP500 thermal inkjet printing solution is a robust, small character coder that delivers industrial printing in one simple, value for money, integrated unit.

Low price does not mean low performance – the IP500 thermal printer is bristling with features that you would normally expect to find on much more expensive printers.

High resolution characters upto 12.5mm height onto matt or gloss paper, board, coated and laquered packaging, plastics and metals.

IP500 thermal inkjet printer tray coding

IP500 ink cartridge replacementInk is supplied in a no mess clip-in cartridge that simply drops into the base unit.The cartridge has an integral printhead, so each time you fit new ink you get a new printer! No need to unblock nozzles, replace an expensive printhead or return units for cleaning!

Designed to be simple to use, simple to install and easy to maintain the IP500 printer provides a low cost, high reliability solution to your coding needs.

Direct Thermal Inkjet Printing Solutions

The IP500 is supplied with everything you need to get going: Electronics base unit, mounting kit, power supply, built in product sensor, programming software, serial cable and a single ink cartridge (specify porous or non-porous surface when you order).

IP500 Injet Coder programmingThe IP500 is so simple it can be self-installed in minutes. The base unit contains an integral product sensor and speed detector and will automatically start printing when a product passes in front.Simply fit to your line, programme the unit from the PC based intuitive graphical message designer and you are ready to go.

Once the IP500 has been programmed the PC can be unplugged. The IP500 will run stand-alone.

The base unit has a built-in processor, clock and flash memory and will print real time, date and counter fields, as well as text and graphics.

To shutdown the IP500 turn it off. To start the IP500 turn it on. That’s it!

No pumps, no valves, no pressurised ink system, no moving parts. No problems!!


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IP500 Thermal Printer

Disposable ink cartridge with built-in printhead
Now with 1-5 lines of text from 2mm to 12.5mm height
Line speeds to 1m/s
Porous or non-porous surfaces
Smart Level Ink Detection- zero ink wastage
High resolution Arial fonts
Built in product detector
Built in line speed and direction sensing
Self install ‘from the box’
Instant ON, instant OFF
No pumps, valves or pressurised ink systems
Graphical message creation
Stand alone operation or connect to a PC
Print text, time, date, counters, barcodes and graphics
Ultra reliable- no moving parts
For more information get the IP500 datasheet here
IP500 Inkjet Coder datasheet