ATD Marking Systems

Laser Coders & Laser Marking Services

ATD Marking Systems is proud to partner with Solaris Laser S.A. and supply their extensive range of laser coding and marking systems within the UK and ROI.

With a vast range of different laser types and power ATD is confident that we can offer a system to suit your product marking requirements.

The range of products includes CO2, YAG, and Fiber lasers. By choosing the appropriate laser it is possible to permanently mark a wide range of product materials, which can be marked both stationary or moving.

The non-contact nature of the technology allows for easy integration into existing production lines.

All of the lasers are fully featured providing real-time, date and logos and a wide range of barcodes and 2D codes.

  • No consumables
  • No inks or solvents
  • Long life
  • High speed operation
  • Tolerant of harsh environments
  • Superb print quality
  • Permanent mark
  • Mimimum maintenance requirements


Interested and want to find out more?

Our expert team will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct laser for your application.

ATD Marking Systems will always begin the process by requesting your product so we can sample mark to confirm the correct laser requirements. If you’d like to see what your product looks like with a high-quality laser mark, please get in touch.

You can contact us using the buttons below. Our team is on hand to provide guidance and additional information on all of our products.