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Jet3 and Jet3pi (pigmented)


The Leibinger Jet3up PI Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer solves pigmented ink marking and coding solutions. Most CIJ printers cannot run pigmented inks using colours like white, light blue or yellow because they either clog, cannot recirculate inks, or they just cannot handle the demands of pigmented inks. The Jet3up PI Pigmented printer is used extensively throughout many industries including wire, cable, pipe, extruded products, parts marking and packaging.

The Leibinger Jet3pi Pigmented printer has numerous design features that enable very reliable operation, low maintenance and excellent print quality with pigmented inks.

Features of the Jet2Neo

  • Leibinger’s unique printhead design retracts the ink gutter into the nozzle when the printer is shut down to form an air-tight seal, protecting these key components
  • The “closed loop” system allows an automatic “Interval Mode” to recirculate ink throughout the entire system when not in use
  • This printhead design also eliminates the “auto flush” cycle at shut-down which can dilute the ink supply and reduce print quality and contrast
  • Windows-based touchscreen display for convenient operation
  • All Leibinger printers have an “interval mode” feature which will automatically start the printer at programmable intervals up to 3 times daily when not in use. This feature is especially important for pigmented inks to keep the ink mixed.
  • Height of the fonts: 5-32 drops
  • Up to 5-line texts can be printed
  • Over 120 user-friendly functions

Major Benefits

The JET3up PI is ideal for marking and coding applications in which a strong contrast is to be created between the imprint and a product with a darker substrate. Examples include black cables, pipes, wires, automotive parts or brown beer bottles that have to be marked in white for clearer legibility. White and other light-colored inks, as well as dark inks with high opacity, contain pigments and cannot be used in standard printers as a result. The pigments they contain also make the inks particularly UV-resistant.

Key Features
  • Print speed up to 6.6m/s (10 cpi)
  • Print height 0.8 to 16mm (depending on nozzle)
  • Multi-line fonts (1-5 lines)
  • Arabic, Cyrillic,Chinese & Persian fonts
  • 5×5 to 32×24 fonts, special fonts. tower printing
  • All major barcodes and DataMatrix codes (ECC200), GS1 Datamatrix (EAN/ECC)
  • 10.4″ colour SVGA touch-screen
  • Time,date, counter and bitmap printing
  • Integrated editor
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Optional EcoSolv solvent recycling system
  • Automatic nozzle and gutter seal
  • Ink consumption 130 million characters/litre (7×5 matrix, 50um nozzle)
  • Ink and solvent refill whilst printing
  • Shaft encoder/product detector inputs
  • Digital I/O, 6 inputs, 8 outputs
  • RS232 serial (RS422 optional)
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Protection class: IP54
  • IP65 option: Jet3Pro
  • Pigmented ink option: Jet3pi


For more information get the Jet3 brochure here

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