ATD Marking Systems

ATD High-Resolution printers produce sharp, high quality non-contact printing directly onto your product. Ideal for barcodes, graphics and text.

With font and logo printing capabilities ranging from 2mm to 800mm ATD High-Resolution printers can be used for everything from a simple single-line code to product branding and promotion.

High Resolution Inkjet Printer Solutions

Over 20 years of experience in designing and supplying High-Resolution printers ensures that our products provide the features you need:

Robustness: All ATD High-Resolution printers are built with stainless steel nozzle plates for toughness and long life, and come with an un-matched 3-year printhead warranty.

Low cost of use: The unique ReCycle automatic printhead cleaning system eliminates wasted ink whilst maintaining optimum print quality. Configurable print density allows barcodes to print with maximum blackness whilst text and graphics can print with ink-saving lower density in the same message.

Simple operation: Smart-Prime system for quick maintenance at the press of a button. Ink is supplied in screw-in self-sealing bottles for no-mess refilling without stopping printing. For high throughput applications a remote 3 litre ink system option is also available.

Low cost of ownership: ATD printheads are powered by Trident pizeo technology . The heads  can be repaired, serviced and refurbished to extend their working life indefinitely, protecting your investment and minimizing your long term cost-of-ownership  compared with the limited lifetime offered by competitor’s products.

Environmentally friendly inks: ATD’s High Resolution inks are designed to dry on the products not in the nozzles. They are non-toxic, non-flammable, low in VOCs and do not require make-up or cleaning solutions.

High Resolution Inkjet Marking

ATD Hi Resolution Inkjet Printers

ATD High Resolution printers are built to the highest standards and will perform in a range of demanding industrial applications:

  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Paper mills
  • Web presses
  • Construction materials (concrete and brick products, wallboard, cement and plaster)
  • Timber marking (sawmills, timber grading, mouldings, length marking)
  • Bindery lines

Search our application stories for examples.

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If you would like more information concerning any of our high resolution inkjet printers or any of our printing, marking and coding solutions you can do so by contacting the team direct using the buttons provided below. Our team of experts are able to provide you with any information you require and if you are not sure which solution best suits your business needs, we can guide you towards the high resolution printer best fitting your requirements.


ATD High Resolution Printers


The ATD IP8000 system supports printheads of 50mm and 100mm individual heights and allows multiple heads to be stacked together to make a one-pass printable area up to 800mm high.


The ATD IP9000/2 is simple to install on-line and provides an integrated keyboard and display for controlling one or two printheads up to 50mm high.

IP8000 Inkjet Printer100mm printhead: text and graphics 2mm to 100mm
50mm printhead: text and graphics 2mm to 50mm
Single or two-sided printing
ReCycle no-waste automatic printhead and ink cleaning
PC based Graphics Editor for message creation
Free format message layout
Stand-alone operation
High quality fonts
Multiple lines of text (up to 32)
Time, Date, Counter, BB functions
1GB on-board message and graphics memory
Ethernet and serial connectivity
Expansion card option for up to 8 stacked printheads: text and graphics 2mm to 800mm
Pigmented and coloured inks
500cc bottle or 3 litre ink system options
3-year printhead warranty
Stainless steel construction
NiceLabel_25px NiceLabel compatible

ATD LC3 Inkjet Coder

12.5mm, 25mm & 50mm printhead options: text and graphics 2mm to 50mm
LC3 high-resolution printhead option: replacement for valve-DOD
1 or 2 printheads, single or two-sided printing
Built-in keyboard and display for on-line operation and message creation
PC software for offline message creation, storage and management
Smart-Prime for quick print quality maintenance
ReCycle no-waste automatic printhead and ink cleaning (50mm head only)
Multiple lines of text (up to 4)
Time, Date, Counter, Shift and BB Code functions
Serial connectivity
Pigmented and coloured inks
500cc bottle or 3 litre ink system options
3-year printhead warranty
Stainless steel construction

Download the ATD High Resolution Inkjet datasheets..

IP900/2High Resolution Inkjet Coder datasheet
IP8000IP8000 Inkjet Coder datasheet
LC3LC3 Inkjet Coder datasheet
Barcode Solutionsinkjet barcode printer datasheet