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Privacy Policy

Applied Technology Developments Ltd

This is our Privacy Notice and provides information of how we collect, use, share and store your personal data. As Applied Technology Developments Ltd holds details about your company and employees, we are legally obliged to inform you of the data we hold relating to you. We are responsible for the collection and management of all personal data given to us by you and will keep all personal data secure, in line with applicable privacy and data protection laws and terms of this Privacy Notice.

– Please note that Applied Technology Developments Ltd will never pass on or sell any information about you or your company without prior consent, except for in legal cases.

What information is collected?
– Company and personal names;
– Company address
– Email addresses
– Phone numbers
– Financial information
– Bank account details
– Services and products provided to your company
– Any additional information needed to meet your requirements

How do we use your information?
– Process sales
– Maintenance and service requirements
– Customer service queries
– Provide correct products and services to your organisation
– Issuing of statements and invoices
– Providing appropriate safety data sheets
– Inform you of price changes

On what basis will we process your information?
We will only ever process your information upon lawful grounds such as the following;

Performance of a contract/service/agreement

– Personal information will be used in the circumstance to enable Applied Technology Developments Ltd to provide you with the correct consumables or service requirements. This will use information such as; company name, individual name, company address, payment details, financial information, purchase history.
– Not providing us with the above information may result in you not being provided with the products/services required.

Legitimate interest
– Personal information will be used when emailing, however you will only ever be contacted when it is considered in the legitimate interest of Applied Technology Developments Ltd. In such a case contact details such as; name, number, address or email may be utilised.

Legal Obligation
– Applied Technology Developments Ltd may disclose your personal information when required to do so by regulations or law, for compliance purposes with an interest to prevent criminal conduct.

– We may request your consent to share your name and contact details with third parties for purposes such as; provide you with a better service/product and credit checks.

Who will we share your information with?
In order to provide you with the best services and products that we supply we may share your information with the following;
– Finance companies
– Suppliers
– Couriers or other transport companies

Protecting your data?
– Applied Technology Developments Ltd will never pass on or sell any information about you or your company without prior consent, except for in legal cases.
– Information about you or your company is held on a secure computer system and stored on a backup hard-drive to prevent losses. All this data is held within our administration offices.

What are your rights?
– You have the right to request the withdrawal of your personal information from our system at any time. Please email or or call 01858 461014 for withdrawal requests.
– Ask us at any time to; whether we hold any personal data on your or your company, send you a copy of the personal data we hold about you, make corrections to the personal data we hold on you and to stop or restrict any processing of your personal data. Does this apply to our website?- Our website may contain links to third party websites. This privacy policy applies only to Applied Technology Developments Ltd, the linked websites will provide their own privacy policy and it is recommended to read this.