ATD Marking Systems

ATD and its distributor partners specialise in short lead-time delivery of bespoke industrial printing solutions at very competitive prices. A recent multi-head web printing application typifies the type of installation regularly provided.


Inkjet printing onto a moving web, under dusty conditions and achieving good quality print may seem a simple application. However, the technical challenges for the system components are considerable. A recent application demanded the following key elements:





* Four print heads each printing a 100mm wide band of text and logos
*Remote, high capacity bulk ink feed for non-stop printing capability.
* Automatic ink priming with zero ink waste.
* Individually adjustable print head positioning.
* Full “turn-key” installation with bespoke software
* Non-bleed high contrast print.

The installation concerned was for printing onto air filter material being manufactured on a high-speed continuous web. The customer wanted to print their name and company logo, as well as product information.filtr_post_2

The system was specified, designed, manufactured, shipped and successfully installed within a six-week period.

The material is used in large spray painting booths with strong UV illumination. A special ink formulation was provided, with high UV fade resistance to maintain the visibility of the printing throughout the product life.

Benefits confirmed by the customer include:

* High-quality print
* Virtually zero downtime
* Low maintenance
* System requires minimal cleaning
* No wasted ink

Result:  added value to the product and better brand promotion