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As of 14th December 2019, a new EU legislation concerning Plant Passport marking obligations will come into force. Does your business comply with the new regulations?

What is a plant passport?

A plant passport provides traceability to enable authorities to investigate and quickly gain control of any contamination – with the overall aim being to ensure safe trade and to reduce the impacts of climate change.


What does the plant passport look like?

The new plant passport has a fixed layout that traders and growers will need to follow. It must include the EU flag (in colour or black and white), Plant Passport, botanical name, registration number, traceability code and country code of origin.


How to create a plant passport?

The solution to your plant passport needs depends on the material and size of your product packaging. Direct printing onto your products is an option to consider and ATD Marking Systems can help.

Continuous inkjet and thermal inkjet systems can be used to print information on individual products as they move along the production line – regardless of size, shape, and material.


To find out more about ATD and how we can help with plant passport marking, you can contact our team direct – our experts are on hand to provide support and guidance, and can answer any questions you may have relating to any of our marking, printing and coding solutions.