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We have recently worked with BAE Systems Plc, to review their munitions packaging printing solution. BAE, are a British multinational defence, security and aerospace company with headquarters in London and operations worldwide.

BAE produce a number of munitions products that each require different messaging, text and logos on the cardboard outer packaging.

They had been experiencing issues with achieving a consistent and clear print quality. This is critical for them as the products are for military use, so clear labelling is imperative.

We reviewed their manufacturing and print operation and were able to suggest the use of our ATD IP8000 high resolution inkjet printer. This would be able to deliver their specific print requirements, but also be safe to use with their products.

Because our print solutions would be installed within a potentially explosive environment, it was of course important for BAE to conduct a very stringent evaluation of the IP8000 high resolution printer due to the nature of the products.

The tests and evaluation proved that the IP8000 was the right solution for them and BAE Systems has now replaced their existing ink jet printers with four complete printing systems from ATD.  We delivered a bespoke design that enabled complete integration within their existing munitions packaging machine.

BAE packaging printingThe ATD IP8000 High resolution inkjet printer, demonstrated the following features that were the deciding factors for BAE:

  • Exceptional printer reliability:
    • The ATD IP8000 utilises the Trident™ 768 high resolution print engine. This print engine prints clear and precise text from 1.5mm to 100mm high and up to 36 lines of print. The engine is supplied with an unlimited 3 year warranty and is fully serviceable.
  • St:St modular construction:
    • This could be adapted to integrate neatly into the existing BAE munitions packaging machine.
  • Non-clogging ink:
    • The IP8000 can be started and shut down by simply switching the power on or off. No cleaning solutions are required and the only consumable is the printed ink. The ink has a very long operation time in excess of 1 year.
  • Simple to operate and programme:
    • Messages, text, logos and barcodes can be easily retained and selected for printing, as well as variable data such as lot codes, counters, time and date.

We are really pleased with outcome for BAE Systems Plc.

BAE Systems Printing Solution BAE Systems Printing Solution

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