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Airberg Ltd. supply British manufactured foodstuffs to overseas supermarkets, embassies, hotels and airline caterers. To meet the legislation in these areas the original packing must be overprinted, often with a mix of western and arabic characters.

airberg eggbox

Arabic Characters

Fortunately the ATD Leibinger Jet3 Continuous Inkjet Printer has a multiple character touch-screen keyboard built-in which makes creating the messages simple and efficient. Characters from multiple languages can be combined in the message, in addition to logos and time and date fields.


Cost Savings


The ATD Leibinger Jet 3  can print directly onto the packaging material, whether it be plastic, glass, metal, paper or board. This has reduced Airberg’s costs and streamlined their business by eliminating the need to create and apply labels.


The versatility and reliability of the Jet 3 makes it the ideal solution for overprinting a very wide range of short shelf life products, including chilled and frozen products.

Manual product coding

Airberg’s repacking operation has to be able to handle a large variety of products, of varying size, shape and packaging material. ATD has supplied Airberg with marking tables that allow the operator to quickly load a product and manually slide it past the printhead to apply the mark. The motion of the table is monitored by an encoder, ensuring the mark has a consistent quality. This quick and simple solution removes the need for special product handling.

ATD Sample Marker Table small

More information

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