ATD Marking Systems

A UK manufacturer of silicone tubing used in the medical industry required a marking system for printing text at defined intervals on to the tube as it was being manufactured. The tubing is extruded cold and then passes into a heat curing station.

ATD proposed a Leibinger Jet 3pi Continuous Ink-jet Printer for the task. Because of it’s small size it was easily installed in the space between the extruder nozzle and the curing station. The Jet3’s unique shut-down system, which completely seals the nozzle when the printer is switched off, allows it to be started cleanly and quickly, even after periods of extended shut-down.

Silicone is a notoriously difficult material for anything to adhere to and after printing a number of samples with different inks the customer opted for Blue High Temperature Resistant Soft Pigment ink. This was not only produced a high-contrast text, it was also resistant to removal and withstood the curing process.

The multiple font feature of the Jet 3 allows clear and concise text to be printed on large and small diameter tubing. The Jet3’s 10.4″ colour touch screen makes programming simple and intuitive.

The printing process is non-contact which meant no handling of the un-cured product was required. The Jet3 continuous ink-jet printer produces individual drops of ink that are projected on to the product’s surface from several millimetres distance to form clear, crisp characters.

Printing Silicone Tube

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