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Adding a label over-printer to an existing labelling machine can be difficult.

There may not be space to fit a thermal transfer print engine and ribbon rolls, and then a separate encoder may be needed to synchronise the printer with the label’s movement.

One of ATDs existing customers needed to add some real-time information to a pre-printed label. They asked if we could help. ATD suggested an IP500 Thermal Inkjet Printer.


Integrating Label Over-Printer to Existing Label Applicator Systems

The IP500 is the size of a small paperback book, so space was no problem. A simple mounting bracket allowed it to be fitted to the label applicator system with easy adjustment for different label sizes.

The IP500 has a built-in speed controller, which was easily configured to match the labeller’s speed.

Finally, a small interface board was added to allow the existing product detector to trigger the printing each time a label is applied.

The IP500 is easy to operate and maintain. Ink is supplied in a cartridge that clips into place. The cartridge also contains the printhead, so every time the cartridge is changed you have a brand new printer!ip500-cartrdigefit

A purge button on the back of the printer starts a cleaning cycle to maintain optimum print quality.

Our customer only required two lines of text printing onto the label, but the IP500 is capable of up to 5 lines of text, graphics and barcodes at 300dpi.

The final result was an inexpensive and mechanically simple upgrade to all the customer’s applicators.

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