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Between a rock and a hard place?

Sometimes the challenges we are presented with seem just like this old adage.

“We want to print onto kerb stones and flag stones. The work area is dusty, the products are variable in terms of stacking accuracy and stack size and the print must be weatherproof. Can you help?”

Such was the challenge from one of our customers.

High Res Industrial Printer for Flag and Kerb Stone Production Line


ATD was able to help and has installed an IP9000 high-resolution ink jet industrial printer system on both kerb and flag production lines.


The ink jet industrial  printer system detects the leading edge of the pallet and prints the appropriate message onto the product

The production line handles different height product stacks. A special array sensor was required to automatically detect the height of the stack and select the correct message.

Due to the variation of product positioning a custom designed protection housing for the print head of the industrial printer system was fitted to prevent any misplaced blocks from striking the print head.

A pantograph positioning systems was also employed which provided additional protection for the print head and ensures a constant coding distance between stack and head as the stack moves past the printing station. The pantograph also enables different width stacks to be handled with ease.

Duel Pantagraph Armx400w

A specially formulated ink was developed to withstand the rigours of weathering, and sunlight exposure whilst the product is stored outside awaiting sale.

This total system, chosen in preference to the more traditional valve jet technology, fully meets the customers challenging specification producing superior print quality coupled with excellent reliability and low maintenance.

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