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High Resolution Inkjet printing EAN128 barcodes directly onto an outer case dramatically reduces the costs per print compared to using a label. The only cost is the ink that is used, eliminating the waste of paying for backing paper and the unused parts of thermal transfer ribbons.

Ronseal Switch from Hot-Wax Printer Systems to ATD IP8000 High Resolution Inkjet Printers

ATD was approached by Ronseal, who had been using hot-wax printer systems for some time to print onto their secondary packaging, but were unhappy with the poor reliability and high maintenance costs. After competitive trials they purchased a number of ATD IP8000 High Resolution Inkjet printers to re-equip their end-of-line packing and palletising area.

Many of Ronseal’s products are packed in outer cases and these require various product identification information to be printed on to a single face of the carton; the key information includes an EAN128 barcode, product description, pack quantity and a product number.

ATD IP8000 High Resolution Inkjet systems were installed on all production lines and connected over an ethernet network to single central message programming PC. As each IP8000 has its own IP address, messages are very easily selected and downloaded to the appropriate production line.

After each case is printed, the barcode is scanned for a good read and then passes to the end of the conveyor for palletising. If the scanner detects a problem with the barcode the case is deflected from the line for inspection and re-work. ATD provided and configured the printer systems, the network software, the barcode scanners and the interface from the scanner to the production line’s rejection system.

Ronseal IP8000

The IP8000 uses ScanTrue ink, especially formulated for printing on to recycled carton material. The grade readings for the printed bar codes are typically B. The IP8000 includes an ink saving feature that allows barcodes to be printed at high density, for good readability, and the text at a lower density, further reducing operating costs.

The IP8000 utilises the Trident™ 768 (100mm high) print engine & 384 (50mm high) print engine. The print capabilities of the IP8000 system closely resembles that of a label printer but at a much reduced cost per print.

The IP8000 print heads are capable of printing characters from 2mm to 100mm high, and up to lines of text. . The fonts support multi languages (e.g Japanese, Chinese, Arabic etc) and the printer can print in-Spec barcodes, graphics, real time data, counters, offset dates and shift codes. The horizontal print resolution is 300dpi at 0.7m/sec and 200dpi at a maximum speed of 1.4m/sec

Close Up Print Shot

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Ronseal Limited is a well known manufacturer of performance woodcare and paint products and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international paint manufacturer, the Sherwin-Williams Company.