Food Safety Solutions

Food safety has become a prominent subject among businesses and agencies making it important to employ contemporary strategies. One of the solutions selected as a way to determine egg quality/legitimacy involves printing and coding solutions. This is a special technique used to determine what’s legal and what’s not.

Here’s more on it and the role it plays.

Legitimate Labelling

Labelling is an integral part of managing products and the same applies to eggs. While these aren’t often associated with labels, this type of printing provides a controlled way to print on eggshells without distortion or any similar oddities. This is why more and more businesses are looking into the nuances of labelling.

There is a real purpose behind this and what it’s able to bring to the table while managing eggs.

Expiration Dates

This is the number one use of egg printing and has been celebrated by large businesses. In essence, eggs are consumed on a daily basis and this means they are going to be prone to expiring. Expiration dates are generally listed on the egg carton and that’s what the average customer reads as they enter the supermarket. However, what if there was a way to take the next step and label each egg separately? This would ensure changed packaging wouldn’t sway a customer’s safety.

This is why more and more egg companies are looking into printing their expiration dates straight onto the eggshell. This is a game-changer for the industry and ensures issues involving the packaging don’t get in the way of their eggs.


In some cases, a business may be looking to print their logo onto the surface of an egg. This is a great way to differentiate between brands and ensure the right egg is being used. With so many options on the market, it’s become imperative to have these small indicators demonstrating where the egg has come from.

This is why food printing has become a go-to option for many organisations and is now heralded for the role it plays on a daily basis. For a lot of businesses, branding and managing expiration dates has become a lot easier. In the past, these issues were worsened with packaging getting replaced and this wasn’t safe for the customer. However, printing has made it possible to retain control over this process from day one especially when it comes to some of the larger companies.