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EcoPrint 54/56

The EcoPrint 50 Series-VIL (Variable Information Labeller) is one of the most versatile and price competitive printer applicators on the market today.

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  • Variable speed printing up to 300 mm/sec
  • Available in RH and LH versions
  • Range of applicator options i.e. tamps, blow box, etc.
  • Menu driven for operation through front panel touch pad
  • Thermal transfer and thermal direct printing methods
  • Print resolutions: 8 dots/mm (EP56), 12 dots/mm (EP54)
  • Label width up to 60 mm
  • Labelling accuracy: +/– 1 mm
  • Multiple fonts including Helvetica, Baskerville, Brush Script, Monospace
  • 1D-Barcodes, 2D-Barcodes and Composite Codes
  • Serial RS232, USB 1.1, Flash Smart-Card, Ethernet