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EcoLine 100/160

EcoLine 100/160 Label Applicators are compact and easy to use, and despite their small size, are packed with ‘ State of the Art’ features. They are built to the highest technical standards, featuring IP44 protection, excellent EMC capabilities, connecting options for NPN and PNP sensors, DISP-operating button for manual label dispensing, and a fully adjustable, low friction peel bar.The EcoLine 100/160 also features a user-friendly Interface with Status signals for: START, STOP, DISABLE, FEED, POWER-ON and ERROR. All models are available in left or right-hand versions and installation in any position or orientation is very easy. The clutchless stepper motor drive delivers infinitely variable labelling speed, with precision positioning and high energy efficiency.

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  • Maximum label width 100mm (EcoLine100) 160mm (Ecoline160)
  • Maximum application speed 25m/min (Ecoline100) 20m/min (Ecoline160)
  • Application precision +/-0.5mm Minimum label length 10mm
  • Minimum label width 12mm
  • Maximum label roll 300mm
  • Drive: Stepper motor
  • Options: Blow,touch and tamp applicator heads
  • A variety of stand options
  • Full range of product sensors.