Decorative Printing and Its Applications

Decorative wood printing is one of the traditional techniques to print images, texts, or patterns on paper or textile. The technique originated in China and soon became a way to print decorative designs on clothes. It was later used as a method to print on books.

Make your own wood print

Over the years, the system of wood printing, coding and labelling have changed. Previously, you were limited to buying decorative wood prints, but now there are customizable options too. Trees, birds, and animals are some of the common designs that you may have seen, but if you want a block with your design, you can do that.

You need to create your design and send it to the printer with detailed dimensions. The expert will make a 3D version and implement the same on a wooden block. Many professionals use laser cutters to achieve accurate results. Some experts believe in traditional carving methods. They will draw the design on a wooden block and carve it to perfection.

The cost involved and accuracy are different for the two methods. Laser cutters offer a more accurate design but the cost is slightly expensive. On the other hand, manual carving takes more time and is slightly less accurate than laser cutters, but the price is relatively low.

Applications of decorative wood printing

Apart from textiles, decorative wood printing has several other applications. One of the most common applications is wooden stamps. The customized design of the block will be implemented on a piece of wood that you can use as a stamp. You can use these stamps on paper or on textile.

Decorative wood printing is also popular in printing presses. The woodcut prints are filled with colour blocks and they are printed on paper to give a unique look. Ancient books that had coloured blocks of photos were printed using this technique.

The modern machines and laser cutters ensure that the design decorative wood prints are far better than what they were earlier. Most importantly, you can now imprint your designs on wooden blocks and enjoy your craftsmanship. Many users like to print on t-shirts and other apparels and sell them online. The decorative wood print is an excellent idea to put your imagination into apparels. If you are looking to design apparels online, you can opt for different decorative wood printing ideas or draw a design that will be carved and shaped by the professional wood printers.