ATD Marking Systems

ATD Marking Systems are committed to offering quality printing solutions to all our customers, and our range of industrial inkjet printers is no exception. Here you can find out more detail about the industrial inkjet printers we offer and their unique features.

For those that require the highest standard and quality of printing, our Hi-Resolution inkjet printers are the perfect solution. Ideal for barcodes, graphics and text, these printers produce sharp and clear printing without coming into contact with the product. Using environmentally friendly ink that requires no make-up solution and a unique printhead cleaning system that eliminates wasted ink while maintaining optimum printing quality, these Hi-Resolution industrial printers are low cost to run and can be refurbished to extend their lifetime indefinitely.

Continuous, Thermal and Hi-Resolution Inkjet Printers

ATD continuous Inkjet printer systems have eliminated the startup and shut down problems that can sometimes be encountered by sealing the nozzle when the system is shut down to prevent the industrial inkjet printerink drying out. We supply the Leibinger range of Continuous Inkjet printers in the UK and Ireland, which are ideal for a wide range of marking solutions including bottle, can and pharmaceutical product marking.

Thermal inkjet printing solutions are robust, simple to use and offer value for money. With high-resolution characters up to 12.5mm on a variety of materials including board, plastics and metals, thermal inkjet printers are stand-alone units that have no moving parts, valves or pumps – the simple printing solution to suit you!

Industrial Inkjet Printer Specialists

Here at ATD we are specialists in industrial inkjet printers and are the ideal solution for your coding and marking solutions. We are here to help you find the perfect printing system so if you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.