High Resolution Inkjet Printer to Mark Timber Length and Grade marking

timbermachineManufacturers of planed and moulded timber sections are using ATD IP9000 high resolution inkjet printer systems to add value to their products, reduce costs and make them more marketable to their customers.

Planed or moulded timber sections may be produced in random lengths, or small batches.

Reduce Labelling Costs with a High Resolution Inkjet Printer

In many cases the sections have had no way of identifying their length, or have relied on labels stapled to the ends. These are vulnerable to damage or loss during packing and transport, and unmarked sections are easily misplaced or mixed.

By permanently ink-jet marking the end of each section with its length using a high resolution inkjet printer, the problems and costs of labelling have been overcome.

At the retailer the sections are often presented ‘end on’, and the ink-jet marking enables customers to easily select the required length from the rack.
The high-quality, high-resolution characters printed by an ATD IP9000 high resolution ink-jet printer system have the flexibility to produce character heights ranging from 3 to 50mm. The characters size can be changed instantly (under computer control if required) giving maximum flexibility in the production environment, enabling a single system to cater for the entire range of products.

In addition to length details the printed information can also include text, product and shift codes, date and time, quality marks or company logos. ATD works in partnership with suppliers of length measuring systems (such as Systek in the UK) and can integrate into existing installations, or provide a full installation and engineering service for new equipment.

ATD IP9000 High Resolution Inkjet printer systems are easily integrated with computer controlled saws, molders and planers. A simple RS232 or RS422 protocol allows details of the section length to be transmitted to the printer.

In some installations there may be a number of sections between the printer and the measuring system or planer/molder. The printer will buffer the data to enable each section to be printed with the correct information as it passes the printhead.

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Our Oldest Inkjet System Printhead: Still Going Strong!

Well we have to admit that the inkjet system print head shown here isn’t the prettiest we have seen but then again it is one of the oldest!

ATD printheads have a 3 year warranty, however this inkjet system print head was installed in one of our customer’s factories some 11 years ago and after a good clean and refurbish it is now back on line, earning its keep by coding products on a round the clock production schedule.


Long Lasting and Reliable Inkjet Coding and Marking Solutions

The long life achieved by this printer is not unusual and is no accident. All ATD print heads incorporate Trident inkjet print engines with stainless steel nozzle plates that can be replaced or refurbished. ATD chose Trident as a technology partner at the outset because they supply the most rugged and reliable engines available and have a proven track record of repeatable quality and long service life.

11 years of regular usage is commonplace for ATD products. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best long-term customer support and we will continue to source the very best quality components to build into all of our systems.
When you invest in an ATD inkjet printer you can be confident you are buying the best possible system for true long-term satisfaction. The ATD three-year print head warranty underlines our commitment.

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Industrial Printer for Kerb and Flagstones

Between a rock and a hard place?

Sometimes the challenges we are presented with seem just like this old adage.

“We want to print onto kerb stones and flag stones. The work area is dusty, the products are variable in terms of stacking accuracy and stack size and the print must be weatherproof. Can you help?”

Such was the challenge from one of our customers.

High Res Industrial Printer for Flag and Kerb Stone Production Line


ATD was able to help and has installed an IP9000 high-resolution ink jet industrial printer system on both kerb and flag production lines.


The ink jet industrial  printer system detects the leading edge of the pallet and prints the appropriate message onto the product

The production line handles different height product stacks. A special array sensor was required to automatically detect the height of the stack and select the correct message.

Due to the variation of product positioning a custom designed protection housing for the print head of the industrial printer system was fitted to prevent any misplaced blocks from striking the print head.

A pantograph positioning systems was also employed which provided additional protection for the print head and ensures a constant coding distance between stack and head as the stack moves past the printing station. The pantograph also enables different width stacks to be handled with ease.

Duel Pantagraph Armx400w

A specially formulated ink was developed to withstand the rigours of weathering, and sunlight exposure whilst the product is stored outside awaiting sale.

This total system, chosen in preference to the more traditional valve jet technology, fully meets the customers challenging specification producing superior print quality coupled with excellent reliability and low maintenance.

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Branding Wooden Potato Crates Using Industrial Inkjet Printers

Size Really Does Matter!

A major manufacturer of wooden potato crates contacted ATD. “We need to print our customer’s brand information anywhere on both sides of our potato crates with characters up to 400 mm high. The site is cold and damp and the crates have rough and dusty surfaces. Can you do it with your inkjet printers?”

potato crates inkjet printed

Well, the answer was “yes” and a fully working system is now installed at the customer’s plant, automatically inkjet printing two sides of 3 x 2-metre timber crates on a purpose-built conveying system.

Close liaison with the customers’ engineers ensured that the system integration and mechanical handling elements were achieved in a timely and precise manner.

High-Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printers from ATD

The customer previously used manual stencilling, which was messy, labour intensive and was the limiting factor on production throughput. The brand information was limited to simple text. Now, with the high-resolution industrial inkjet printers, our customer can offer any font and logo, and the designs can be amended for their customers at any time.
potato crate inkjet printed brand logo
The new ATD industrial printing system provides:

  • High-quality consistent print.
  • Reduced manual labour.
  • Ability to print any font and graphics at will.
  • Elimination of faulty prints.
  • Faster throughput.
  • Lower cost per print
  • Elimination of overspray, resulting in cleaner, safer operation.

The customer has used the high-quality print to increase sales and provide added value to their product.

Features of the finished system include:

  • 8 x IP8000 100mm print heads precision aligned to print on opposite sides of the crate to achieve full print coverage up to 400mm print height in one pass.
  • Two self-adjusting pantograph printhead mounting modules for self-alignment of heads relative to box surface.
  • Integrated computer linked control system in an environmental enclosure.
  • Bespoke software suite for handling production data and for software “stitching” of the multiple print head arrays.
  • Remote auto-sensing bulk ink modules for non-stop printing and easy fill facility.
  • Fully interlocked conveyor movements to achieve safe operation and to guard against print head damage from wooden debris, nails etc on sides of the crate.

Yes, sometimes size does matter!

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