ATD Marking Systems

Burger Manufacturing Company

We were delighted to work recently with the, Burger Manufacturing Co Ltd (BMC) on a new style of carton printing they needed to implement. 

They are a major supplier to the fast food industry with a wide range of high quality Halal and non Halal products. They supply their products under their own BMC brand, as well as wholesaler own label.

BMC approached us because they needed a robust, reliable and cost effective carton printing solution for labelling their product packaging. Each Burger carton needed to be branded at the point of manufacture and would require fully customised software to achieve this.

Carton Printing

Hi Res Printer in location

After consultation with us, BMC chose to go with our ATD IP9000 Industrial High Resolution printer, pictured here.

We developed bespoke software to work alongside the ATD IP9000. It allows operators to select the desired branding information, along with a production description and real time date and time information.

BMC’s product branding now relies solely on our printer and systems, so printer reliability and optimum print quality is essential, which our products provide.

Carton printing

Printed carton

BMC have been so happy with our installation that they have now had a number of our ATD IP9000 printers installed. The latest printers and systems were implemented and installed just 3 months ago.



Dave Mussell at BMC commented that, “We have been so pleased with the end results we have achieved through working with ATD. Their consultative approach and focus on the issue and our business needs has been great. It’s testament to this we have added more of the branding equipment to our lines.”

Our ATD IP9000 system uses the latest solid state piezo print engines and non-hazardous inks, making it the perfect choice for food carton branding.

For more information about how we helped BMC, or to explore how our print solutions could work for your business, please contact us on: +44 (0) 1858 461014.