ATD Marking Systems

ATD is pleased to announce the launch of new software for the Leibinger Jet3 range of Continuous Inkjet Printers.

Printing on Cable, Wire, Hose, Pipe and Profile Extrusions

New features enhance the capability of Jet3 inkjet printers as coding and marking solutions for the Cable, Wire and Extrusion industries. A range of new functions is provided to allow complex or repetitive print tasks to be set up by the operator that will configure periodic printing and length meter marking and allows a batch of jobs to be created that will run in sequence.

The new features are available on all Jet3 models and are included free with the latest standard version.

Batch Jobs Feature for Operator-Free Printing

Batch Job x 600

Job Organisation

Job Organiser x 600

Extruded Length Metering for Marking Security

Meter Go Function x 600

Independent Periodic Print Repeats

Periodic Printing x 600

Line Speed Sense Output

Speed Dependent Signal x 600

Market Leading Printing – Continuous Inkjet Printer Systems from ATD

All ATD Jet3 Industrial Continuous Inkjet printing systems are designed for maximum reliability. There are no regions of low ink flow where particles and pigment can build up. The self-contained pressurised ink delivery mechanism eliminates factory air and gear pumps. Combined with the unique start up and shut down procedure, which seals the nozzle during a shutdown and ensures a clean start-up, our customers achieve a level of print quality, production reliability and print integrity unmatched by any competitive continuous ink jet printing system.

For more information contact the ATD UK team.