ATD Marking Systems

ATD Marking Systems are pleased to have continued our work with long term customer International Timber in 2019. International Timber has been using ATD’s IP9000 system seamlessly for almost 20 years and came back for an updated solution to suit their needs.

The perfect fit for International Timber’s timber length marking was the Leibinger Jet 2 Neo inkjet printer fitted with a Tally Beam Data converter. After evaluating the customers’ needs, the Leibinger Jet 2 Neo was the ideal modern solution and gave ATD the opportunity to develop an RS232 to Ethernet protocol converter which then was connected to the Leibinger inkjet printer. This system allows them to print the edge of the lengths of timber after it has been measured by the Tally Beam system without interruptions.

ATD Marking Systems have now successfully replaced 6 systems in the industry with excellent customer feedback.

For further information please contact the ATD sales team on 01858 461014 or email: