Branding Wooden Potato Crates Using Industrial Inkjet Printers

Size Really Does Matter!

A major manufacturer of wooden potato crates contacted ATD. “We need to print our customer’s brand information anywhere on both sides of our potato crates with characters up to 400 mm high. The site is cold and damp and the crates have rough and dusty surfaces. Can you do it with your inkjet printers?”

potato crates inkjet printed

Well, the answer was “yes” and a fully working system is now installed at the customer’s plant, automatically inkjet printing two sides of 3 x 2-metre timber crates on a purpose-built conveying system.

Close liaison with the customers’ engineers ensured that the system integration and mechanical handling elements were achieved in a timely and precise manner.

High-Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printers from ATD

The customer previously used manual stencilling, which was messy, labour intensive and was the limiting factor on production throughput. The brand information was limited to simple text. Now, with the high-resolution industrial inkjet printers, our customer can offer any font and logo, and the designs can be amended for their customers at any time.
potato crate inkjet printed brand logo
The new ATD industrial printing system provides:

  • High-quality consistent print.
  • Reduced manual labour.
  • Ability to print any font and graphics at will.
  • Elimination of faulty prints.
  • Faster throughput.
  • Lower cost per print
  • Elimination of overspray, resulting in cleaner, safer operation.

The customer has used the high-quality print to increase sales and provide added value to their product.

Features of the finished system include:

  • 8 x IP8000 100mm print heads precision aligned to print on opposite sides of the crate to achieve full print coverage up to 400mm print height in one pass.
  • Two self-adjusting pantograph printhead mounting modules for self-alignment of heads relative to box surface.
  • Integrated computer linked control system in an environmental enclosure.
  • Bespoke software suite for handling production data and for software “stitching” of the multiple print head arrays.
  • Remote auto-sensing bulk ink modules for non-stop printing and easy fill facility.
  • Fully interlocked conveyor movements to achieve safe operation and to guard against print head damage from wooden debris, nails etc on sides of the crate.

Yes, sometimes size does matter!

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