Laser Coders & Laser Marking Services

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  • No consumables
  • No inks or solvents
  • Long life
  • High speed operation
  • Tolerant of harsh environments
  • Superb print quality
  • Permanent mark
  • Mimimum maintenance requirements

laser coding pharmaceutical box

ATD is proud to partner MACSA S.A. and supply their extensive range of laser coding and marking systems in the UK and ROI.

With powers ranging from 5W to 200W, and print areas up to 300mm x 300mm ATD is confident we can offer a laser system to suit your product marking requirements.

The range of products includes CO2, YAG and Fibre lasers.

By choosing the appropriate laser it is possible to permanently mark card, paper, wood, metals, glass, plastics (including PET) and textiles.

The product can be stationary or moving. The inherent high speed capability allows production rates of up to 245,000 items per hour.

The non-contact nature of the printing, and the distance from lens to product, means systems can be easily integrated on existing production lines.

All products in the range have sealed laser tubes and need no gasses or consumables resulting in long life and mimimum maintenance requirements.

The precise optics produce top quality marking including text and graphics

macsa laser coder logocodificador-laser-k-1000 laser codermacsa laser coding and marking systems

Laser Coder & Laser Marking Equipment & Systems

ATD’s laser marking services will be pleased to assist you in choosing the correct laser for your application. It is important to select the correct power and frequency depending on the substrate, product speed and type of mark required.
ATD will always begin the process by sample marking your product to confirm the required performance. If you would like to see what your product looks like with a high quality laser mark please contact us to arrange a sample marking.


Check out the iCon small character laser coder:

The iCon had been designed and priced to offer an alternative to Continuous Inkjet Coders (CIJ). Compact, affordable, clean, reliable and with a built-in colour touch screen the iCon is simple to use and provides consistent high quality marks.

For further Information

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