Choosing an Industrial Coding System

Choosing the correct industrial coding equipment is vital to achieve consistent print quality, reliability and legibility. In some cases there may be several potential coding solutions, and ATD will work with the customer to determine which one is best suited to their application. Often the unique nature of their products, or their marking requirements, will be the deciding factor.

Day-Impex Choose ATD’s Leibinger Jet3pi Continuous Inkjet Printer as their Industrial Coding Solution

ATD were approached by Day-Impex to help them to improve the marking on their range of glass sprinkler bulbs. These liquid filled capsules are designed to shatter when the liquid reaches a well defined temperature, triggering the sprinkler system. The small components range in size from 5mm to 2.5mm in diameter and each must be marked with an identifying code.

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Ronseal Pallet x400

High Resolution Inkjet EAN128 Barcode Printing

High Resolution Inkjet printing EAN128 barcodes directly onto an outer case dramatically reduces the costs per print compared to using a label. The only cost is the ink that is used, eliminating the waste of paying for backing paper and the unused parts of thermal transfer ribbons.

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High Resolution Drywall (Plasterboard) Stack Printing

One of the world’s leading producers of drywall (plasterboard) wanted to improve their brand image by printing high-resolution text and graphics onto each stack of product they manufacture.

The specification called for a printed area up to 500mm high on stacks up to 5 metres in length.

ATD was selected to design and install the systems, based on our IP8000 High Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printer.

The system had to automatically adjust for different stack sizes, be robust enough to print on a moving stack, and avoid damage from mis-aligned stacks.

The systems are now installed in plants throughout Europe, working 24/7.

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Inexpensive Label Overprinter Added to Existing Label Applicator

Adding a label over-printer to an existing labeling machine can be difficult.

There may not be space to fit a thermal transfer print engine and ribbon rolls, and then a separate encoder may be needed to synchronise the printer with the label’s movement.

One of ATDs existing customers needed to add some real-time information to a pre-printed label. They asked if we could help. ATD suggested an IP500 Thermal Inkjet Printer.

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