Oji Paper Logo - Large diameter paper roll printing solutionWe are very proud to announce that one of Japans largest paper converting companies OJI Paper, have chosen us as their large diameter paper roll printing solution partner, with our ink jet printing solutions. This comes after our successful integration and installation of multiple IP8000 high resolution ink jet printers.

Oji Paper, have been successfully using the ATD IP9000 ink jet system to print a barcode onto their paper rolls and a DOD inkjet system with multiple heads to print the human readable information. The driving force behind this new project was to further improve the print quality on their products.

Due to our track record for printer reliability and the quality of our service, OJI chose to continue our relationship and make us their preferred supplier.

Together with our Japanese partners SCT, Bell Techno and the Yokagawa group, we designed and installed a new and bespoke printing system for marking large diameter paper rolls. They needed a barcode and product description printing on both the circumference and end of the rolls.

Product description printing - Large diameter paper roll printing solution

OJI opted for our recommended ATD IP8000 printer, with 50mm high TRIDENT hi resolution print heads. For this particular application, they needed 11 print heads and 6 IP8000 controllers.

Hi res large paper roll printing solution - Large diameter paper roll printing solution

Part of the complexity of this project was the varying diameter and length of the paper rolls. The rolls are conveyed into a coding station. A plc then sends the roll information required for printing to the IP8000 controllers. The roll is halted, raised and then rotated. The IP8000 print heads, which are mounted on to linear motion systems then move into the correct position for printing the roll.

Barcode printing - Large diameter paper roll printing solution

As the roll is rotated the print is applied at three equi-spaced positions around its circumference. The roll is halted again and a second bank of print heads move into position and code the end of the roll. When the printing is complete the print heads move back to a safe position and the newly printed roll is conveyed to another area of the production site. A paper roll is coded every 80 seconds.

You can see the application process in motion here:

This is the first installation of its kind in Japan, and OJI Paper are happy that their products are printed with the highest print quality possible. A second installation of similar size is planned for December 2017 and further installations are expected in 2018 and 2019.

If you have a similar print and coding requirement, get in touch with our team to set up a consultation. Please contact us on +44 1858 461014 or email: mail@atduk.com or use the form below: